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Considering painting your cabinets?

We get asked all the time about this subject. Our advice is to really take the time to learn and understand the different approaches to this as the results will vary dramatically. Whether considering it as a DIY project, or hiring a contractor, the devil is in the details. The team over at “This Old House” put together this highly educational video and detailed guide to painting cabinets.

This would be a great way to start educating yourself on the subject. If hiring a contractor to do this type of work, please consider reaching out to us before signing any contracts. They all do it different ways so nailing them down on details is key. Well painted cabinets can be one of the biggest bang for your buck investments you can make in your home if you make sure to do it right!

We are always here to help!

There are no magic wands in real estate; exceptional outcomes result from a strong partnership between a diligent agent and an informed and educated client. The Jeweler Burton Group would love the opportunity to be your trusted partner through the process

Aaron Jeweler

Licensed in MD, DC and VA

M: 301-325-8569

O: 240-219-2422

JT Burton

Licensed in MD, DC and VA

C: 301.928.3456

Geoff Chesman

Licensed in MD and DC

C: 202.369.5904


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